EAM Pre-Implementation Assessment for Success

Godlan offers Infor EAM Asset Management pre-implementation audit services for those needing strategic help and direction with their Infor EAM implementation.  An Infor EAM pre-implementation assessment consists of:

  • Onsite visit by a Godlan EAM consultant at your location
  • Identification of primary business objectives and business drivers
  • Identification of project overview
  • Defining success criteria
  • Determination of project scope, constraints and assumptions

Infor EAM Asset Management Software Assessments-for-Success

EAM 5-Point Post-Implementation Assessment for Success

To ensure post go-live success and to make the most out of your EAM implementation, Godlan will provide a comprehensive assessment covering 5 key points to identify the EAM operations:

  • Processes - Ensure that the system is configured and being used optimally
  • Data - Ensure the quality and integrity of the data within the EAM system
  • Business Intelligence/Metrics - See whether the data in the EAM solution is providing key management critical information
  • Performance - Evaluate the system responses and optimize
  • Integration - Evaluate existing and potential integration points and leverage that data


EAM Assessment for Success Strategy

Strategy should be more than just a document – it is a guiding view that inspires and directs your company’s success. Our goal is to make your vision a reality and provide a strategic framework to make this happen. Whether it is looking for the “big picture” or specific point solutions we can provide input, direction and guidance. We don’t want to enforce a “cookie cutter” answer – we want to ensure your success.


Many of the world's leading companies trust Infor EAM to improve their business: