EAM Enterprise Asset Management Software Overview

Underperforming assets can have many far-reaching—and negative—impacts on the overall health of a company. Asset downtime can disrupt production and lead to lower customer satisfaction. Inadequate preventive maintenance can increase the cost of keeping assets and equipment running at peak efficiency and force companies to make investments in new equipment that could have been avoided. Inadequate asset management can expose companies to violations of safety regulations and compliance requirements.

Infor EAM Enterprise, a comprehensive enterprise asset management solution, lets you keep a constant watch on your asset condition and performance, evaluate data to find key trends and anomalies, forecast performance concerns, and make decisions that drive action.

With over 20 years of asset management experience built in, EAM Enterprise has been helping companies around the world—including more than 60% of the Fortune 500.

EAM Enterprise addresses your most challenging asset issues, from preventative maintenance for discrete manufacturing, to predictive maintenance for food and beverage companies, emissions and energy demand management in pulp and paper, risk-based maintenance in life science organizations, fleet management for transportation companies, linear asset management for oil and gas, asset tracking and condition-based maintenance for public sector organizations, and more.

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Infor EAM Enterprise helps you:

• Reduce risks and costs.
• Enhance capacity for growth.
• Automate and streamline processes.
• Drive better decision-making.
• Monitor energy use at the asset level.
• Easily configure to suit your needs.

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With EAM Enterprise You Can:

  • Cut your purchasing costs, inventory levels, and inventory carrying costs, while making your workers more productive.
  • Comply with regulations and requirements without breaking a sweat.
  • Keep your assets up and running, and know when to replace them.
  • Reduce expenses by collecting on warranty claims.

Turn asset management into a competitive advantage with Infor EAM Enterprise.

More than 10,000 organizations worldwide—both public and private—are using Infor EAM to better manage, maintain, and track their assets, as well as drive better decision-making in maintenance, inventory/warranty, uptime, risk management, and strategic planning.