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Food and beverage companies like yours routinely deal with challenges that, at first, might appear beyond your control. They range from rising commodity prices, retailer price pressures, and tighter regulations to changing consumer tastes and increasing demands for more nutritional value with safer ingredients that are better for the environment. There is one challenge, however, that you can control—the way you manage your business assets.  Whether you operate only during normal business hours or around the clock, your food and beverage company needs an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that can help you recognize and effectively monitor and manage all your facilities and expensive equipment costs. You get all that with Infor EAM Food and Beverage Edition.

With Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition, you’ll have the tools to drive better decision-making in maintenance, inventory, warranty, uptime, risk management, and strategic planning.

With Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition, you can create an advanced asset management system specific to your business. You choose from a menu of best-in-class asset management modules, unique features for improving operations and performance, and advanced modules to ensure the best possible fit for your needs.

Since it’s a web-architected system, you can access the functions of Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition through a standard Internet browser, anywhere and anytime. It’s also available as a hosted solution and can be deployed in a software as a service (SaaS) model, allowing you to reduce your total cost of ownership significantly and manage your cash flow more effectively. The mobile modules also allow your staff to perform real work in real time, substantially reducing effort and hours and leading to higher levels of staff satisfaction.

With Infor EAM Food &Beverage Edition, you get capabilities for:

Regulatory compliance—Using compliance tracking, trending reports, and asset tracking, you can keep your organization audit-ready for inquiries from regulators, such as the FDA and OSHA.

Equipment management—You can manage risk, warranties, and change notices. Plus, you can monitor asset performance, initiate preventive maintenance measures, and easily collect data on your assets.

Call center management—Manage all service requests through a single call center and all service employees can view their open requests. With the help of Infor EAM Requestor, users can enter, update, and retrieve work orders through a familiar web interface.

Change notice management—You’ll be able to replace faulty or out-of-date assets quickly and easily following change notices that affect your equipment

Multi-organization capabilities—Help your company incorporate assets into a management solution, while maintaining autonomy among different maintenance groups. For example, safety personnel can use the solution to issue work orders for noise suppression on production assets, while facilities managers can use it to service HVAC systems and automatic doors. The facilities teams can control purchase orders, evaluate vendors, and manage purchasing contracts, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective operation. Each department has access only to the tasks it needs.

Mobility—Infor EAM Mobile extends the value of Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition for field service workers, as well as the managers, clerks, and schedulers who are connected directly to the solution. They’ll be able to access the solution on mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones, to speed service. Personnel can move from room to room or site to site and still access and record maintenance information, conduct inspections, and track inventory.

Energy efficiency—You can continually monitor energy consumption at the asset level, and alert your workforce of performance issues that need resolution in a timely manner. By combining the consumption of energy and other natural resources with additional asset performance parameters, Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition gives you a more complete picture of each asset’s performance and its impact on your business.

Production management—With the planning, scheduling, and uptime optimization possible with Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition, you can expect to see increased OEE percentages. By having a system that provides real-time demand to fulfillment visibility, keeping the equipment busy at higher rates—often exceeding the traditional 80% level—you can realize higher production with the same capital investment.  


With Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition, you get important features, like:

Prepopulated lists—Get started quickly with prepopulated lists specific to your food and beverage operation.

Incident tracking—Track and trend incidents involving employees, visitors, and property.

Inspection management—Document and protect inspection procedures on each piece of equipment and initiate inspections based on time, equipment performance, or previous work. You can also perform group inspections of assets through the Campaign feature for dealing with recalls, safety alerts, zone maintenance, and building maintenance programs. (BMP).

Recall management—Manage recalls received from regulatory agencies.

Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)—Perform FMEA for work orders using closing codes with preloaded list of closing codes for assets and facilities.

Preconfigured, pre-set list view of filters tailored to the food and beverage environment— Get easy access to all the information that matters. In one click, you can view the maintenance state for certain types of equipment. You don’t need to compile a report.

Asset tracking—Keep all information about assets, from freezers to generators, in one database for easy retrieval and for input on activities, movements, and maintenance. You’ll know that information on highly mobile equipment is always up to date.

Barcoding and data collection—Record and track equipment with barcoding technology for more accurate, efficient, and effective deployment. Use barcodes to accurately locate mobile equipment.

Equipment calibration—Keep equipment in the safest condition possible. If temperature-sensitive equipment loses calibration, technicians can easily trace back to the point of failure, preventing critical problems.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—Monitor equipment with real-time, dashboard-like gauges for a precise snapshot of maintenance team and equipment performance to quickly identify potential problems and improve utilization. Set KPIs to monitor issues that are critical to your organization’s continued compliance with regulatory requirements.

Outsourced maintenance services—Record maintenance activities, compile equipment histories, and create invoices for services the engineering and maintenance department performs for other organizations.  Internal employees can be defined in the employee section with predefined types (contractor, full-time, etc.) and trades (mechanic, electrician, and so on).

Warranty management—Tap into immediate savings with warranty management for both meter- and date-based warranties, and for automatic notifications on all work orders in the system that have a potential warranty claim.

Emissions compliance—Efficiently capture and document the carbon footprint of your organization, and enforce stringent work management processes for hazardous material and fugitive emission handling.
Check the results With Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition, you get the asset management functions you need to improve performance, increase savings, comply with regulations, and provide quality care—all with a very low total cost of ownership and a rapid ROI. You’ll get a full array of compliance tools developed specifically for the food and beverage industry, so you’ll be better able to manage numerous, and at times conflicting, regulatory compliance standards. 

Godlan - Infor_EAM_Asset_Management_Software_Food_And_Beverage_Consumer_Package_Goods_CPGWith Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition, you also get prepopulated lists and preinstalled KPIs, as well as reports specific to the food and beverage industry, minimizing the time you need to set up the system.  Thanks to the system’s extensive multi-organization tools, you’ll be able to manage several tasks and departments from one integrated solution. You can reduce costs through effective systems management, comprehensive work order functions, integrated purchasing, centralized call centers, and easy-to-use scheduling tools. You’ll be equipped with the tools you need to avoid penalties, shutdowns, liability claims, and the damaging public exposure that follows any publicly reported incidents related to issues concerning assets.

With Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition, you can simplify asset sustainability by incorporating the consumption, costs, and environmental impact of natural resources—water, air, gas, electricity, and steam—into your asset management strategy. This allows you to reduce costs and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.  When you need to manage assets in the food and beverage industry, you need the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. You need Infor EAM Food & Beverage Edition.

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Infor EAM Food and Beverage Edition helps you:


• Dramatically reduce risks and costs.

• Enhance growth capacity.

• Automate and streamline processes.

• Drive better decision-making.

• Monitor energy use at the asset level.

• Easily configure your solution to suit your needs.

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