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Increased worldwide consumption of oil and gas products - especially in developing countries - is driving a growing need to discover new sources, create new techniques, and implement technological advances to extract hydrocarbons from deposits that only a few years ago would have been thought impossible. In today’s post-peak oil era, this increasing complexity only intensifies the risk and volatility that oil and gas companies like yours must endure in order to survive and grow.

“With Infor EAM Oil & Gas Edition, we can easily track inspections and testing within our power plants, schedule preventive maintenance, and keep all the documentation in one place.” —Sue Bidwell, EAM Support Manager, Black Hills Corporation

Get the best possible return from your capital assets—including the compressors, valves, pumps, and motors that keep pipelines, oil platforms, and wells operating at peak performance—with Infor EAM Oil & Gas Edition’s extensive, industry-specific capabilities and best-in-class EAM functionality. Most other EAM solutions are rigid and inflexible, but with Infor EAM, you’ll have the flexibility to quickly and easily adapt new technologies to meet your changing business needs.

Infor EAM Asset Management Oil and Gas Edition

With more than 25 years of experience solving the business challenges of oil and gas companies like yours, Infor can help you implement advanced asset management practices that give you a competitive advantage. You’ll get the kind of advantage that can only come from an asset infrastructure that is safe, compliant, cost-effective, and adaptable.

Increase environmental health and safety (EH&S) awareness with capabilities specifically designed for the oil and gas industry, such as built-in predictive maintenance, performance monitoring and alerting, and the inclusion of energy consumption, costs, and efficiency into asset performance management. With Infor EAM Oil & Gas Edition, you’ll gain visibility into and control 80% or more of your operating and maintenance expenses, taking operations far beyond the 25% to 30% that’s typical for other asset management solutions.


EAM Asset Management Oil and Gas Edition Overview Brochure

Infor EAM Asset Management Oil and Gas Edition PDF Download Overview Brochure

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Infor EAM Oil & Gas Edition:

  • Is specialized for oil and gas companies.
  • Is built with over 25 years of oil and gas industry knowledge and experience.
  • Supports linear, point, and component-based structure assets.
  • Helps you achieve a higher return on your infrastructure.

Work smarter - Increase your ROI - Improve asset reliability

“Infor EAM Oil & Gas Edition helps our company comply with federal regulations by ensuring qualified personnel are performing our maintenance tasks at the proper intervals.”
—Trevor D. Davidson, EAM Operations Support Manager, Energy Transfer